CORWIN PH510 Air Hammer


PH510 compressed air powered mallet Pneumatic Palm Hammer (Medium soft plastic tool plus 5 etra tips)

  • ➢[Wide application]: Ideal tool for body repair,panel bumping, car sheet metal, plastic inlay assembly,dowel pins Installing, screen spines,bike fill/tire paste/leather surface/wood card tenon tighten. Work great for removing small laser cut parts.
  • ➢[Unique features]: 1000bpm high frequency eliminate the possibility of damaged work surface,Small body size require no working clearance and reach narrow space easily, Excellent combo of power increase working efficiency, ergonomic palm hold design reduce work fatigue. Use as a automatic hammer, pneumatic palm hammer or an air speed hammer.
  • ➢[Operation]: Single Hammer Blow: A light tap of the hammer tip against the work-piece and instant withdrawal away from the work-piece will permit a single hammer blow. Multiple Hammer Blows: A light tap of the hammer tip against the work-piece and continued light pressure against the work-piece will permit continuous hammering.
  • ➢[Techniques]: Compact Size-35mm diameter pad, 4″ inches height body , 1kg weight;1000bpm Stroke frequency; 25-125psi Working Air Pressure; Manufactured to industrial standards to prolong tool lifespan, Made in Taiwan.
  • ➢Equipped with 6 hammer tips of different hardness: 1)Aluminum*1;2)Steel *1;3)Black(installed already) – medium hard plastic*1;4)Yellow – hard plastic;5)Blue – soft plastic;6)Red – ultra soft plastic
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Multifunction air palm hammer

Commom application

  • Remove tabbed parts from laser, plasma,waterjet cut nests with ease
  • Auto-body panel bumping,
  • Installing dowel pins
  • screen spines



  • Small body size with excellent combo of power & ergonomic features
  • Pad does not hammer work piece
  • Simply connect shop air
  • Compact, can be used in narrow space


Different hardness pads avalaible for purchase

There are different material pads of various hardness to choose

Technic Notes

  • Air pressure limite 25-125 lbs. Operation abouve 125 lbs will cause internal damage.
  • The hose and fitting size is 1/4″
  • Air filter and lubricator must be installed
  • Single hammer blow: light tap against workpiece and instant withdrawal
  • Multiple hammer: light tap against workpiece and continued light pressure again workpiece
Red pad

Plastic Ultra soft

The most soft pad

Red pad

Red ultra plastic pad

hammer pad blue

Blue sof plastic pad

hammer pad black

Medium soft palstic pad

Aluminum pad

Aluminum pad

Change Hammer Pad

Hammer pad change

Technical Details

Weight 3.09 lbs
Dimensions 4.72 × 3.15 × 3.54 in


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